This blog is a collection of heartfelt posts and articles reflecting a philosophy of authenticity in how I operate, what I observe, and what I expect in return.

I have to operate authentically in every aspect of my life; as an individual, a friend, a spouse, a son, a professional, a peer, a manager, a leader and as a human being.  When I say, "I have to", I mean that my personal sense of self would be diminished if I did not have the integrity to be true to who I am.

Operating authentically means to conduct oneself a manner that is accurate, actual, certain, convincing, credible, dependable, factual, faithful, genuine, legitimate, original, real, reliable, true and trustworthy.  There are many times where it is not easy or safe to operate in such a transparent and genuine way, in fact, it sometimes takes courage (originally meaning, with your whole heart) to do so.

On the other hand, operating authentically is not a one-way transaction; just the opposite.  In putting your whole self out there, exposed and vulnerable, you can not help but require, and in reality, invite the same from others.  This creates the opportunity for a more powerful, fully engaged, open, and unimpeded interaction and exchange with others.