Operating by Design

We have the opportunity to actually design how we will operate in our lives, and then actually live by that design.

Have you ever gone through the exercise of thoughtfully considering exactly how you want to manifest in this world.  What sort of affect do you want to have on your family, your friends, your coworkers, your community and so on?  This might be a more challenging exercise than you think.  But I bet once you create a draft, reflect on it, and go through a few revisions, that you will come up with a very personal and genuine design; some of which may be how you operate today, and some of which may be a goal not yet reached.  Once it is in writing, and you periodically meditate on it, you will find that you will be fulfilling that design more and more effectively, as a natural part of how you are conducting your life.

As personal as it is, I don't mind sharing my design for how I will conduct myself, as it only makes it something which I am that much more committed to fulfilling every minute of every day.

     I will:

  • Provide a stimulus for discovery and positive change in people's lives
  • Be a source of joy and happiness for those around me
  • Be readily available and reliable when my support is needed by my family, friends and coworkers
  • Create and sustain a foundation of trust with all whom I interact
  • Continue to learn and practice the joy of selfless giving
  • Transform each new experience into greater wisdom
  • Serve as a example for how constructive and positive thinking yields greater happiness and fulfillment while I continue to learn to do this better myself
  • Always say what needs to be said, but do so with kindness and humility
  • Leverage my hyper awareness and sensitivity to be more insightful, compassionate and empathetic
  • Take the necessary steps to sustain my physical and mental health
  • Continually seek new ways to expand and enhance my effectiveness as a leader and apply these skills when and where needed
  • Always conduct myself with the utmost sincerity and authenticity
  • Leverage my ego as a driver for greater achievement of my entire mission statement
  • Become better and better at being loving, patient, supportive and a best friend to my wife, family and closest friends
  • Continue to improve my life balance, inner peace and sense of sufficiency while helping others to do the same
  • Always operate with intelligence, insight, integrity and humility
  • Grow and improve my skills as a coach and mentor and offer them whenever needed and appropriate
  • Continuously question, evaluate, learn and grow in all dimensions of my life
  • Continuously expand my creativity in writing, crafts, arts and music
  • Maintain an adventurous spirit both outwardly and inwardly
  • Continually forge and grow strategic relationships within and outside the enterprise
  • Employ empathetic listening by first seeking to understand others, then seeking to be understood

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